Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Has Abortion caused all of our Problems?

Has Abortion caused all of our Problems?

Talking about abortion is a heated topic for social policy but why is no one advocating for the fact that it could be the reason we are in the mess we are in? I know it sounds implausible but stay with me on this one.

First there is the morality of the issue, to be sure, and it is atrocious in my opinion that there are those that truly consider the “procedure” as completely satisfactory at any stage. I will concede that there is at least an argument to be had for those in cases of rape, incest or endangering the life of the mother. Albeit I do not subscribe to this thinking, at least there is a comprehensible discussion to be had there. Mostly it comes down to the individuals religious beliefs which have dwindled in this country as it has become a more non secular nation. But both the rational and the secular nature of the country are conversations is for another day.
Even if we throw out the subjective coherency of the morality of the issue we cannot disregard the supplementary impact it has to the country. Employment and joblessness, immigration and fiscal problems have all been immeasurably impacted by this “procedure” and by the lackadaisical attitude about the issue of many in the country. What if I told you that it is because of abortion that there are less jobs? What if I told you that abortion is collapsing the social security system? What if I told you that it is because of abortion there is a “fiscal cliff”? You would probably say I was nuts, again. But here are some things that I unreservedly deem we are missing.

What if there was an additional population of about 60 to 80 million, just for an example, that were here in the US because they were born here? What would that impact, well let’s look at that. We would need more production to supply the additional population. Not only homes, cars, food and more “stuff” that the average American uses every day but we would need the plants and facilities to produce that “stuff”. Also needed would be the supporting businesses and services for that additional population. This then would create more private sector jobs. Private sector jobs would create more revenue to all stages of government and more to support the social security system currently in place.

This is not to say that the enormous government and spending that is ongoing isn't the problem. When the social security system was originated there was roughly six people paying into the system for every one getting benefits from it, now it is about two to one, big difference. Now with more and more becoming dependent there are less paying in so the problem simply snowballs, again a discussion for another time.  

Then we have immigration. Immigration is fine (legally) but if we had the additional work force why would we have the need for more to come to the country illegally? If we had an additional 60 to 80 million we would not have the openings for those who come here illegally to fill. No job openings, much less migration would occur for that sole purpose.  

So let’s use a little common since. We, not only as conservatives but as a country, need to rejuvenate and reeducate the younger generation as to the importance of life. All those who are parents need to start overriding the nonchalant attitude that is being portrayed by TV, movies and those progressives that say that abortion is an acceptable form of “birth control”. 

If you are an advocate of abortion then can we not say that it is your fault that the country is in the position we are in? Can we not argue that it is because of you that we currently have the fiscal, total economic and immigration issues that pain us? Along with the fiscal irresponsibility of Washington and the benefits that are adding to the problem abortion, in my opinion, is one of the greatest problems we have.

Our own policies and laws have and will cause our nation to fail much faster than any influence from an outside force. Unless it is the outside force that causes us to change and adopt policies that are our undoing. I will tackle that one later to be sure.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Obama + Arab Spring - Israel = BAD for All!

Obama + Arab Spring - Israel = BAD for All!

OK, we have to now dive into state of affairs that are deteriorating the Middle East because of the Arab Spring and the naive support of it by this President. Occurrences in the last four years there do not only impact the US & Israel but the rest of the world, count on it! So get ready ya’ll let’s get into it.

We all know that at one point in time there was a Ottoman and Safavid Empire that encompassed almost everything from India to the Mediterranean Sea, into Africa down to Egypt along the northern coast to Algiers and up just past Turkey in Europe.  Both empires were strong and feared from roughly the 1600’s to the beginning of the 1800’s. You ask me why this is important? What does this have to do with today? Well here is the relevance.

From the 1800’s until currently, both these empires were greatly divided and had such strong feelings keeping them fractured so that each country unreservedly  would not work with one another which kept them not as strong. Mainly due to the American power that had been projected during Barbary War in 1801 to 1805 until now they were afraid to “flex their muscles” or even work together because any sign of aggression would be obliterated by the might of the US and the rest of the world. Additionally, with that power protecting the nation of Israel no other county had even thought to test Israel knowing that none of them had a big enough hammer to nail the US. Now with the Arab Spring it seems that they are rediscovering that time old saying, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. This will not work out well for not only the US but the rest of the world. If and or when a “reunification” of these countries back to empires occurs then as a whole they have one big hammer.

OK, I know, that’s crazy, but are not all these countries adopting Sharia Law and want to annihilate Israel?  That is a religious belief not an ideology which makes it much more dangerous and thus more coalescing than any idea. Again, if or when alliances are made to recreate and expand such an empire(s) then we now have an enormous region with hundreds of millions of people that now are pointed to a single goal, to expand and to control. We also have to remember that they do not know of such a word as compromise or fail. I also assure you that if they do take over another country, like India how many more then will come to the fight. Oh, and let us not forget that India, Israel and Pakistan have nuclear weapons and Iran will soon because of this administration’s policies, actions and words. What do you think will happen then? Just laying it out for you.

So let’s use a little common since. We need to stop the talking and start the doing. We have to rebuild the view of American power, influence and project that especially in our resolve in our indissoluble pact with not only Israel but India as well. Maybe this will help; If you have the biggest kid in the courtyard that is also carrying a bat protecting those that can’t protect themselves, would you go after the kid’s that he protects? Answer, most likely not because self preservation would kick in. But if you knew that you could do it while the big kid with the bat wasn't looking or didn't care because he wasn't friends with them anymore wouldn't you do whatever you wanted to do knowing no harm would come to you? Well that is what is happening. Now all the kids that have wanted to get something from the other kids that were protected in the courtyard see that they can get what they want and they will get along long enough to get it.

This is how those countries that are now instituting Sharia law feel about Israel and other regions around them. They feel that not only Israel but a great number of other things have been taken from them, whether they have been or not, this is their religious belief that they must regain any supposed loss and spread their beliefs, at any costs. That same belief dictates that they must eliminate those whom do not believe the same. 

Now, in fairness, not all those in the Middle East believe in this mind set but simply look at not only evidence in the past but what is happening in Syria. If you do not agree you will be eliminated, no matter your ethnic background, solely upon your beliefs. I thought as Americans, as the United States, sense our founding and the shores of Tripoli we stood against such oppression. We have for well over two hundred years why are we not fighting it now? Why are we not working and doing what we can to maintain the supremacy in the courtyard with our military might so that other kids won’t get picked on? For those who don’t want a big, strong military, I ask you; what exactly do you think allows you the opportunity to say, do and act the way a free man or woman can? Answer; the US Military and the might it projects!

So let’s do the common since thing and do what we have said in the past and show those that would bring harm to others that we are still the kid in the courtyard with the bat, we are watching, we do care and we will protect those whom cannot protect themselves. Oh, let me not forget one thing, and I don’t care how you take this, we will do what we have to do to keep our people safe and if your doubt our resolve, let us show you our bat!

Until next time.

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Congress needs to STOP the Insurrection!

Congress needs to STOP the Insurrection!

Even though I am in no way an attorney, especially a constitutional attorney as some boast, but I do use common since, that is what I am all about. So glue your feet to the floor to keep from going through the roof on me with this one. 

So let's look at the constitution specifically Article 1 section 8 and Article 14 sections 4 and 5 for a second here on Obama-care & Welfare shall we. 

If we use a little common since here and look at what has transpired was this current situation not a perceptible outcome? With the federal government providing so much for now so many, with the bill being picked up by so few, as it has been said, have we not produced a country of takers. Nevertheless it has occurred, now what do we do?

Amazingly the founding fathers had a solution, as with many of our other ailments. In article one section five it gave the Congress the power to enforce laws. However, in section four it states that the US nor any State shall pay for any debts incurred in the aid of insurrection and additionally the power to make all debts of such insurrection illegal and void.

Is not insurrection defined by “an attempt by a large group of people to take control of their country by force”. Are not economic policies and encroachment into all aspects of businesses through regulations and now taxes like Obama-care the things that have stifled growth also a use of a type of force? With so many on welfare, fiscal disaster of Obama-care and the abundant highly compensated number of those who work for the government, has this not become an insurrection by definition. Is not the liberal group of those with the current administrations mindset a large group of people even though a minority to the whole? Have they not for the last six years, had control of at least two thirds of the government? Have they not put into place laws, regulations and caused debt to enable them to retain power to further their agenda?

Some that have been absorbed into this monotonousness welfare system have simply become enabled by those who wish the system to continue or even expand for their own quest for power or profit. We certainly have an obligation as a nation to ensure that those that need care get it but that is not what the U.S. Government was designed for. For the most part those living off what the system allows them is not the fault of their own.

So like I said, let’s use a little common since to fix this and put it into perspective. If you need to replace your ceiling due to a roof leak do you quit your job? Well taxing the job creators more creates less jobs, less jobs causes more to need help, more that need help causes the government to need more money and as it was so famously said, sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.

So let’s do this instead. Unleash companies by giving them realistic not oppressive regulations. Outline clear revamping goals of taxation policies to allow for companies to plan. Assurances that the States will define what regulations are enforceable and what is not, utilizing the EPA as an advisory and recommendation bureau not a regulatory authority. Give, again going back to the constitution, only congress and the States the ability to tax not have it imposed by the Judicial Branch. States best know what to do with funds raised by taxes and they can more efficiently serve their population according to their needs. If there is to be welfare at either the State or Federal level it needs to be tied directly to work completed to reduce costs to the community. 

Many of the jobs that are done at the Federal, State and Local levels of government are those that could be done with little to no need of additional education or specialized training which would reduce the level of revenue needed by those entities. If the levels of revenue are reduced, less taxes would be imposed, more companies would be hiring, less on welfare soon only those who wanted to exist on welfare would do so and others would or could fulfill their ambitions. Along with other reductions to entitlement spending such as the reform to social security, government retirement and overseas spending we could stay with the constitution and return ourselves to that which built this great country.

The lesson here is that the Congress now more than ever needs to stop this and stand fast. Do not sway from our conservative roots and show the country, all of the country no matter your ethnic background, religious beliefs or the color of your skin that these values and principles works for everyone. It clearly worked for the first couple hundred years. Haven’t we been the shining city on a hill and the hope of the world until now? Why would it fail us?

As always I enjoy your input and comments. I ask that if you like what you see spread the word so that more can get engaged in this conversation. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dishonoring Veterans - Why would you do that?!

Dishonoring Veterans - Why would you do that?!

A reflection on Veterans Day that some may not think about.

Every election cycle is close to the holiday Veterans Day. Yet it seems that every year we fall further and further away from the principles and honors that they have fought and died for. As normal, there are some will be displeased with what I have to say on this, but here it is, so buckle up.

 It appears that there are a number of items that have occurred in this country that really call into question our allegiances. I wonder if those who are voting, in actuality are voting, against those veterans that gave them and continue to give them the that very privilege. All that serve take this very oath that reads as follows (for those who were unaware):

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the president of the united states and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the uniform code of military justice. so help me god.

The constitution, a document that many like to differ to but true sincerity of that is obvious in the actions they put forth. If you ask any Marine what their chain of command is they will most likely respond similarly to those words in film, “Unit, Corp, God, Country”, and their actions reflect that. Additionally, in part, the oath to become a United States citizen states, in part, “I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same”... “  I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; so help me God”.

When anyone of us who do not vote, fraudulently vote, alter the vote or vote for those whom have not shown in their actions those same allegiances then do we not dishonor those who have honored us time and time again? Do we not turn our back on those that allow us the freedoms and privileges we enjoy?

So as Americans can we not use a little common since before we cast our ballot and ask ourselves; Is this a person that I want to represent me and is going to simply uphold to the words in either oath? Do we not have to give those that have fought defending that oath and the constitution the respect they have well deserved? So why then do we elect those that do not show, by their actions, that they “bear true faith and allegiance to the same”?

So take a moment today, in fact every day, to not only do what you as an American citizen have sworn to do but to pay tribute to those whom have taken that oath and gone into harm’s way for you and your children’s very way of life.

As for me and my family, we will pay homage to veterans by voting for those who act as they have spoken in the defense of the constitution of the United States and the veterans that fight for it.

Before I go, let me pull the fuse on those whom want to delineate myself and these views as wrongful or that I am saying that those who vote a certain way are unpatriotic. I say to you, Freedom of Speech, another thing that our great HEROES have afforded us.  
Until next time.

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Benghazi Betrayal

Benghazi Betrayal

Why is it that the majority of the country, the military and world should feel betrayed by what happened in Benghazi.

For decades now American exceptionalism of our power and care for those who serve in any manor around the globe has always been exemplary  Even if a country that is hostile or unappreciative of our way of life and our ideas they have always greatly respected our way of doing business. Revering of our motto “Never leave a man behind”.  Although with most of the information that has been leaked, I remind you not by the supposed transparent administration, has been very contradictory to the very essence of that motto.

We need to seriously look at what happened here. Not just pre 9/11/12 but during and after to be sure. Hearings are being held both behind closed doors and in the open, both are necessary to make certain that details that are not needed to be disclosed are kept where they need to be. But to date, from my understanding, there are a few things that are similar in nature as to the course of events. From the fact of the attacks previously, lack of security, watching of the actual attack real time and the failure to respond in any real aggressive way we do know that an utter seemingly massive and total dismissal of that motto occurred.

Call me a conspiracy theorist, loon or straight up nut but facts are facts even thought 95% of the media and 100% of the administration aren't talking but eventually the truth will surface. With the resignation of General Petraeus stone walling of the congress and the unwillingness of this administration to cooperate we can probably predict the outcome, if the congress does its job, will not be good for numerous individuals.  

We as a country should use a little common since on this one and ask; Why is a four star General with an impeccable carrier now decided to go rouge and ruin (or give the optics of ruining) his name and legacy? Does the fact that the Generals wife who is the assistant director of the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau have anything to do with it? Why is it that because he is resigning he does not have to come before the committee now? I think we all know that he had to accept the lesser of the two evils.

The choice before him, I believe, is this. Either he cops to something that may not be true but assists he and his wife’s boss so that it will blow over or he comes before the committee and because of his true self integrity he tells the truth and turns up the heat on an already steaming situation and the country boils over. I truly believe that he is again doing what he feels is best for a country he loves and has dedicated his life to serve. This is his way to attempt to take the pot off the stove and hope that it cools down enough before the facts come to light. Because if the facts come out now with the pot still on the stove the only thing that can occur is that the nation will boil over and too many innocent civilians may get burned.

So with this being said I think that we can honestly say that we as a nation of proud people and a world, which until late, has always respected us and our motto of “never leave a man behind” feel betrayed. Remember, for those of you who are thinking what if he actually did have the affair he shouldn't now be trusted with the nations secrets I ask you this, again using a little common since; Wasn't there a President whom we all remember that had even more power and access to secrets commit the same offence and still continue in his office?

Until next time.   

Friday, November 9, 2012

Compromise - Nope, No Way and Nada!

Compromise - Nope, No Way and Nada!

Sit back, get strapped up and hold on tight because I probably am going to, as they say, ruffle some feathers on this one, so let’s go.

I find it astoundingly interesting how the words, “why won't they compromise?” is so easy for most those on the left to say and why it is seldom that those who are attached to our founding documents and certain religious beliefs utter such things.
We have to start with the premise that there are two massively different mindsets that come into play. Keeping it as simple as I can, and trying to make common since out of it, let me break it into two separate, but very distinctive categories.

Category number one is the left, progressive or liberal train of thought. What issues are they asking for compromise on? Typically spending & benefits (which go hand in hand primarily) and for most of the others characteristically fall into the social issues such as gay marriage and abortion. They wish to allow to have the “choice” as they see it. Which choice is fine because we do live in a free country (although we will just skim the surface on that in this issue).  

Category number two is the one that conservatism, some libertarians and most on the right fall under. What issues are they wanting to compromise on? Well this is where it gets difficult to hash out. Reason being is that if you adhere to the founding documents and you have beliefs than to compromise those is to not only compromise a position but your very self.

Sure there should be and are numerous areas where the right and the left are able to have conformity as to allow for progress for all. Yet here is the rub, most of the issues that the left wants the right to “compromise” on impact beliefs not desires, in which lies the problem.

For the sake of length of this article I will use two hotly contested areas which this rings true. Take immigration for example. Do we not have laws on the books that have been conferred on by those in the past? Did not the current President circumvent those laws by declaration? If you were to go around the globe and ask other countries what happens to someone that comes into their country illegally I think you will find that much harsher penalties transpire. So when those on the right in this country are forced by Presidential Decree to “accept it” and there is no real effort to actually rewrite or change the law then disenchantment ensues about those who are governing, and should be rightfully so.
Now for another one that gets some people a bit testy, birth control. I am tired of the old, played out argument of “the right to choose”. Let me let you in on a couple little secrets.  Secret number one, you have a choice and the right totally agrees with you on that. But it is a choice of either procreating or not, simple. You do have that option, but because the left and those who are more liberal feel that restraints on so called human nature or will power are too much to ask they want to give an “out” per say to allow for there to be no fetters on conduct. And the second secret is, we are not keeping you from using birth control if you so choose, see there we are giving you a choice. But plain and simply you are asking those in the country to fund something that they do not believe in for your “choice”. 

So without going into the weeds too much on this, again using common since, for where the left wishes to compromise we see it as being compromised. Where the left see freedom of choice we see infringement of our freedom of religion. It all boils down to the simple fact that almost all the issues in which the left wish those of us to compromise are issues of want and of ideology. On the right it is a matter of tradition and of fundamental beliefs. So then I ask you, when it comes down to it which is accurate? If you had to make a “choice” would you choose that in which you need or that which you want. The problem with wanting everything is that sooner or later you will never be able to have the things you need.  

So instead of either the right or the left barking and yodeling why don’t we use a little common since. Why do we not simply put out there what we will or won't budge on from both sides and then see what common ground we have to work with instead of just saying, why can't you compromise and label each others as haters, racists or anti-religious. The biggest issue is that if we continue to head down the path that we are going on then there will be more decrees, less adherence to the laws the we currently have and ultimately loss of our very nature in which this country was originated upon, freedom.  

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bet you can’t figure this one out!

Bet you can’t figure this one out!

Simple leaf reach lampoon empty shark winter of pounce.

Can outreach area rock dinner planet.

Now you’re thinking most likely one of two things; what the hell? or did I read that right? You may have even read both those sentences a couple of times to make sure it was what you thought it was. This is my point for this addition, don’t worry I’ll get to it.

Quickly two authors notes: First - many, unless you spell like me, picked up on the spelling in the blog title. I had to take some quick artistic license there to get the site name I wanted. Second - I am a simple, Midwest raised, US Navy Vet, lower income Dad and Husband that simply feels that common since (got ya) needs to be restored in order get this country back to allow for my children to enjoy what was left to me. With that said let’s move on.  

So much is being spun, cycled, evaluated, critiqued and pontificated upon about what happened? What did we do wrong? Is the country changing and how does the GOP or us as conservative thinkers change with it? What do we have to do to get the other voting blocs? All very valid questions if you’re a politician or pundit yet if your pragmatic or like me just applying common since then you are probably better suited to figure it out.

Do we have to change, I guess to a certain degree. But one thing I learned from my wise and enlighten parents was that with each of the six children they did have to change some of the rules to change with the times but that their core beliefs and principals were never to be compromised upon. For if that occurred then you will have taken the foundation out from under the building and now what do you have?

The politician or pundit pontificate (sorry just fun to say out loud) about the aforementioned issues with one thing firing in their cranium, how to win elections. When their theory meets reality for some reason planned theoretic strategy may or may not work in the end. Think back (for some back further than others) you thought if you had a cape like Superman you could fly like him or if you had a lasso it would have the power that Wonder Woman’s had. Well for me that ended up in a broken ankle hence theory and reality met head on and it simply didn't work out. This unfortunately has been the mindset for those in the GOP who like to say that they are the conservative party for quite some time now. 

Whereas those in the progressive movement figured out a long time ago what I have put into quite simple terms; People are two things, they are curious and they are cattle. This is my feeble, non psychological attempt to put things more simply. Reality is that all people to a certain degree are curious and want to know what something new is about. Additionally, they are as cattle are, they will go where the herd is at. So the application of snappy rhetoric and telling those that will listen that somehow they are something new is by nature appealing. Then when you have achieved that, those who are willing will follow the herd, and in essence spawning the progressive stampede to that end. Which is what I think we have been observing for now a number of years.

So why are those whom wish to take us back to what make this country great thinking like politicians or pundits?  Why are we not using simple common since. Instead of trying to figure it out, instead of trying to equivocate or muddle the issues, why are we not simplifying what made this country great and making it new again. Would that not be like igniting that natural curiosity and then letting the herd go to where that leads them. Then once the herd starts to move we will then be able to achieve what we are attempting to achieve, that is, allowing the force of the people to self correct to that in which this country initially embraced.
Let’s get a couple of things clear. For those thinking that I am identifying progressives as cattle grow up and do not attempt to demonize or twist that into something it is not. Furthermore, it is not brainwashing or manipulation I am speaking of but a choice of a direction to follow. If either of those were to be true then I do ask you to competently rationalize the difference between my common since suggestion and the ideals you have been following for quite some time, because that is what is being done likely unknowingly to you.

Along with this comes before us now the issue of compromise, yep there is that seemingly dirty hateful word again to some both on the left and on the right. I am keeping my full assessment of that single word for most likely my next publication for one main reason, there is a lot to ring out of that one. But in this addition I will simply say that we have learned from history that on certain issues, no matter how you want to look at it, some things cannot be compromised upon and still maintain a country as it was initially created and what made it great. Again, that will be in an upcoming article so stay tuned for that.  
For now we have to start the engine, hold to those principles that we cannot compromise upon, grab the wheel tight and stay as much between the lines as we can or it won’t be long that no matter what we do we will be looking at one another, from the left or from the right and saying,  Bet you can't figure this one out!

Until next time.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WAIT! Did Obama Actually Lose the Election?

WAIT! Did Obama Actually Lose the Election?

There might be yet some question as to the final outcome of election night. Now there has to be a more in depth examination and analysis of the results that transpired in numerous states and in countless precincts. As we speak the results are being by both parties greatly scrutinized as the vote totals are being called into question due to several discrepancies up to and on election night.  

As we know there were countless issues with voting in a plethora of regions around the nation, most in crucial locations that will ultimately determine the state of the union.  A myriad of ballots are still uncounted and will not be for days to come calling into question the final results. At this time rewriting and great reconsideration of the acceptance and concession speeches should be in the works. Here is where we stand;
I hope I got your attention because it is crucially important that heavy evaluation must be contemplated as to the rationale behind the headline, WAIT! Did Obama Actually Lose the Election? He may have succeeded in his reelection bid but what was the cost? What was the overall tangent  loss to the country as a whole which a President of a country must rightly assess.

 It is not a question of your ethnic or religious background or beliefs but of the status of the nation as it exists right now after this process that a free country has embraced. Because there was no decisiveness as to the right or wrong track for this country I find it funny that when conservatives fight for what they think is best it is obstructionism, when liberals fight for what they believe in it is the right way for the country. Unwillingness to compromise is the problem, but not just liberals or conservatives, is it as simple as the proverbial, can’t see the forest through the trees?

Hemorrhaging of our nation’s wealth and strength around the world is now in question more than ever before. What is to be done? No more culpability can be assigned to those outside this current administration who determine policy and advise this President. Full and total brunt of the derogation of this society lands squarely upon the shoulders of this President and the ideology in which he has chosen to cling on to.
So, did Mr. Obama actually lose the election, not for himself, but for the country that has rightfully or wrongfully given him the elation to lead? If the last four years is any guide  I simply say, I weep for this country and I am wholeheartedly saddened by the decision but hardened in my fortitude that more must be done. Enough Americans allowed lies, corruption, divisiveness as well as the turning of our backs to what made this country what it once was. Are we at the point now, as with any addict, this country will have to hit rock bottom until they awaken to realize what they were doing will be their undoing. Will it be up to those that held their seats in the House of Representatives and can they can keep this country together for another four years to keep us from a state of despair? Were the words this President used to pander to those during this acceptance speech as they seem to have been in his first one actually going to transpire? Or again will the argument that fits within the constructs of his alleged truisms be absentmindedly tossed to the side to fit his platitudes. 

Let us be vigilant and hold close those values of those that came before us and march ahead to right the wrongs, shine light where there is darkness and to reinvigorate our souls to bring to the surface what we were founded upon.  

Remember; “When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” So now let us go forward with those words in mind.

Yet I have to ask, WAIT! Did Obama Actually Lose the Election? Lose what was given to us to continue by our founding fathers, as was taught to me by wisdom of loving and devoted parents and those whom have served in the military and have given all and those who still serve? Where will we go, dig very deep into yourself and ask; Will we lose it all or will we hold accountable those who must be?