Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Has Abortion caused all of our Problems?

Has Abortion caused all of our Problems?

Talking about abortion is a heated topic for social policy but why is no one advocating for the fact that it could be the reason we are in the mess we are in? I know it sounds implausible but stay with me on this one.

First there is the morality of the issue, to be sure, and it is atrocious in my opinion that there are those that truly consider the “procedure” as completely satisfactory at any stage. I will concede that there is at least an argument to be had for those in cases of rape, incest or endangering the life of the mother. Albeit I do not subscribe to this thinking, at least there is a comprehensible discussion to be had there. Mostly it comes down to the individuals religious beliefs which have dwindled in this country as it has become a more non secular nation. But both the rational and the secular nature of the country are conversations is for another day.
Even if we throw out the subjective coherency of the morality of the issue we cannot disregard the supplementary impact it has to the country. Employment and joblessness, immigration and fiscal problems have all been immeasurably impacted by this “procedure” and by the lackadaisical attitude about the issue of many in the country. What if I told you that it is because of abortion that there are less jobs? What if I told you that abortion is collapsing the social security system? What if I told you that it is because of abortion there is a “fiscal cliff”? You would probably say I was nuts, again. But here are some things that I unreservedly deem we are missing.

What if there was an additional population of about 60 to 80 million, just for an example, that were here in the US because they were born here? What would that impact, well let’s look at that. We would need more production to supply the additional population. Not only homes, cars, food and more “stuff” that the average American uses every day but we would need the plants and facilities to produce that “stuff”. Also needed would be the supporting businesses and services for that additional population. This then would create more private sector jobs. Private sector jobs would create more revenue to all stages of government and more to support the social security system currently in place.

This is not to say that the enormous government and spending that is ongoing isn't the problem. When the social security system was originated there was roughly six people paying into the system for every one getting benefits from it, now it is about two to one, big difference. Now with more and more becoming dependent there are less paying in so the problem simply snowballs, again a discussion for another time.  

Then we have immigration. Immigration is fine (legally) but if we had the additional work force why would we have the need for more to come to the country illegally? If we had an additional 60 to 80 million we would not have the openings for those who come here illegally to fill. No job openings, much less migration would occur for that sole purpose.  

So let’s use a little common since. We, not only as conservatives but as a country, need to rejuvenate and reeducate the younger generation as to the importance of life. All those who are parents need to start overriding the nonchalant attitude that is being portrayed by TV, movies and those progressives that say that abortion is an acceptable form of “birth control”. 

If you are an advocate of abortion then can we not say that it is your fault that the country is in the position we are in? Can we not argue that it is because of you that we currently have the fiscal, total economic and immigration issues that pain us? Along with the fiscal irresponsibility of Washington and the benefits that are adding to the problem abortion, in my opinion, is one of the greatest problems we have.

Our own policies and laws have and will cause our nation to fail much faster than any influence from an outside force. Unless it is the outside force that causes us to change and adopt policies that are our undoing. I will tackle that one later to be sure.

Until next time.. Please let me know what you think and constructive criticism and comments are always welcome. And if you like what you are seeing, make sure to spread the word! Thanks.  


  1. Illegals are literally the worst!!! If anyone should be aborting their babies it's them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mia, I do not believe any should be aborted. Hey, make sure Glenn knows that I actually did know that about Israel. Email me and I will tell you why that is so important to me. Thanks.

  3. Plus we could eat all the extra babies and/or use them as an alternative food source.

    1. *alternative FUEL source. think about it man

  4. This blog should've been an abortion.

  5. Great piece here. Really expanded my mind. Hopefully you're gonna cover the recent Twinkie debacle in your next one.

  6. I hate babies almost as much as the queermosexuals. but that dont mean the bible say we can kill them all. Jeb from Waco

  7. Never mind. Askd my uncle. it say we can kill the queermos. ill check on the babies. jeb