Monday, November 12, 2012

Congress needs to STOP the Insurrection!

Congress needs to STOP the Insurrection!

Even though I am in no way an attorney, especially a constitutional attorney as some boast, but I do use common since, that is what I am all about. So glue your feet to the floor to keep from going through the roof on me with this one. 

So let's look at the constitution specifically Article 1 section 8 and Article 14 sections 4 and 5 for a second here on Obama-care & Welfare shall we. 

If we use a little common since here and look at what has transpired was this current situation not a perceptible outcome? With the federal government providing so much for now so many, with the bill being picked up by so few, as it has been said, have we not produced a country of takers. Nevertheless it has occurred, now what do we do?

Amazingly the founding fathers had a solution, as with many of our other ailments. In article one section five it gave the Congress the power to enforce laws. However, in section four it states that the US nor any State shall pay for any debts incurred in the aid of insurrection and additionally the power to make all debts of such insurrection illegal and void.

Is not insurrection defined by “an attempt by a large group of people to take control of their country by force”. Are not economic policies and encroachment into all aspects of businesses through regulations and now taxes like Obama-care the things that have stifled growth also a use of a type of force? With so many on welfare, fiscal disaster of Obama-care and the abundant highly compensated number of those who work for the government, has this not become an insurrection by definition. Is not the liberal group of those with the current administrations mindset a large group of people even though a minority to the whole? Have they not for the last six years, had control of at least two thirds of the government? Have they not put into place laws, regulations and caused debt to enable them to retain power to further their agenda?

Some that have been absorbed into this monotonousness welfare system have simply become enabled by those who wish the system to continue or even expand for their own quest for power or profit. We certainly have an obligation as a nation to ensure that those that need care get it but that is not what the U.S. Government was designed for. For the most part those living off what the system allows them is not the fault of their own.

So like I said, let’s use a little common since to fix this and put it into perspective. If you need to replace your ceiling due to a roof leak do you quit your job? Well taxing the job creators more creates less jobs, less jobs causes more to need help, more that need help causes the government to need more money and as it was so famously said, sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.

So let’s do this instead. Unleash companies by giving them realistic not oppressive regulations. Outline clear revamping goals of taxation policies to allow for companies to plan. Assurances that the States will define what regulations are enforceable and what is not, utilizing the EPA as an advisory and recommendation bureau not a regulatory authority. Give, again going back to the constitution, only congress and the States the ability to tax not have it imposed by the Judicial Branch. States best know what to do with funds raised by taxes and they can more efficiently serve their population according to their needs. If there is to be welfare at either the State or Federal level it needs to be tied directly to work completed to reduce costs to the community. 

Many of the jobs that are done at the Federal, State and Local levels of government are those that could be done with little to no need of additional education or specialized training which would reduce the level of revenue needed by those entities. If the levels of revenue are reduced, less taxes would be imposed, more companies would be hiring, less on welfare soon only those who wanted to exist on welfare would do so and others would or could fulfill their ambitions. Along with other reductions to entitlement spending such as the reform to social security, government retirement and overseas spending we could stay with the constitution and return ourselves to that which built this great country.

The lesson here is that the Congress now more than ever needs to stop this and stand fast. Do not sway from our conservative roots and show the country, all of the country no matter your ethnic background, religious beliefs or the color of your skin that these values and principles works for everyone. It clearly worked for the first couple hundred years. Haven’t we been the shining city on a hill and the hope of the world until now? Why would it fail us?

As always I enjoy your input and comments. I ask that if you like what you see spread the word so that more can get engaged in this conversation. 

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  1. One of your best, Joel.. Keep telling it, like it is. Although.., through the years', some people don't like to hear the 'truth'. Maybe to some, the truth hurts or they just don't want to listen or try to understand. Example: Most people in the United States don't understand, what 'fiscal cliff' means and what it means to them. Sad.., but true. Lately.., I don't know, if our Congressman and Senators know what 'fiscal cliff' means. Although.., it should be a good fight, right up too the last minute of the year. Excellent commentary, Joel. Mike in Montana