Friday, November 9, 2012

Compromise - Nope, No Way and Nada!

Compromise - Nope, No Way and Nada!

Sit back, get strapped up and hold on tight because I probably am going to, as they say, ruffle some feathers on this one, so let’s go.

I find it astoundingly interesting how the words, “why won't they compromise?” is so easy for most those on the left to say and why it is seldom that those who are attached to our founding documents and certain religious beliefs utter such things.
We have to start with the premise that there are two massively different mindsets that come into play. Keeping it as simple as I can, and trying to make common since out of it, let me break it into two separate, but very distinctive categories.

Category number one is the left, progressive or liberal train of thought. What issues are they asking for compromise on? Typically spending & benefits (which go hand in hand primarily) and for most of the others characteristically fall into the social issues such as gay marriage and abortion. They wish to allow to have the “choice” as they see it. Which choice is fine because we do live in a free country (although we will just skim the surface on that in this issue).  

Category number two is the one that conservatism, some libertarians and most on the right fall under. What issues are they wanting to compromise on? Well this is where it gets difficult to hash out. Reason being is that if you adhere to the founding documents and you have beliefs than to compromise those is to not only compromise a position but your very self.

Sure there should be and are numerous areas where the right and the left are able to have conformity as to allow for progress for all. Yet here is the rub, most of the issues that the left wants the right to “compromise” on impact beliefs not desires, in which lies the problem.

For the sake of length of this article I will use two hotly contested areas which this rings true. Take immigration for example. Do we not have laws on the books that have been conferred on by those in the past? Did not the current President circumvent those laws by declaration? If you were to go around the globe and ask other countries what happens to someone that comes into their country illegally I think you will find that much harsher penalties transpire. So when those on the right in this country are forced by Presidential Decree to “accept it” and there is no real effort to actually rewrite or change the law then disenchantment ensues about those who are governing, and should be rightfully so.
Now for another one that gets some people a bit testy, birth control. I am tired of the old, played out argument of “the right to choose”. Let me let you in on a couple little secrets.  Secret number one, you have a choice and the right totally agrees with you on that. But it is a choice of either procreating or not, simple. You do have that option, but because the left and those who are more liberal feel that restraints on so called human nature or will power are too much to ask they want to give an “out” per say to allow for there to be no fetters on conduct. And the second secret is, we are not keeping you from using birth control if you so choose, see there we are giving you a choice. But plain and simply you are asking those in the country to fund something that they do not believe in for your “choice”. 

So without going into the weeds too much on this, again using common since, for where the left wishes to compromise we see it as being compromised. Where the left see freedom of choice we see infringement of our freedom of religion. It all boils down to the simple fact that almost all the issues in which the left wish those of us to compromise are issues of want and of ideology. On the right it is a matter of tradition and of fundamental beliefs. So then I ask you, when it comes down to it which is accurate? If you had to make a “choice” would you choose that in which you need or that which you want. The problem with wanting everything is that sooner or later you will never be able to have the things you need.  

So instead of either the right or the left barking and yodeling why don’t we use a little common since. Why do we not simply put out there what we will or won't budge on from both sides and then see what common ground we have to work with instead of just saying, why can't you compromise and label each others as haters, racists or anti-religious. The biggest issue is that if we continue to head down the path that we are going on then there will be more decrees, less adherence to the laws the we currently have and ultimately loss of our very nature in which this country was originated upon, freedom.  

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  2. Yo dawg! that shit is wack!! u need to buy yo self a dictionary cuz u keep misspelling sense!!!

  3. I'm right there with you! I'm all about the RIGHT TO LIFE!!! These welfare queens are the scum of the earth and need to self sustain the babies they made! Too many people want the government to pay for their abortions and their welfare! It's ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Denarius, if you would read previous posts you would see that I am well aware of that and there is a reason for it. So before attempting to belittle someone about something you might want to get the info. And exactly where was that "wack"? See that is the problem, you just did exactly what I said. Instead of attempting to have a conversation you just went to calling names. If it is wack then tell me where you think that is and I will have a conversation about it. That is what this is for is to have a conversation and to get somewhere.

  5. Very interesting read, Joel. Keep looking and writing about the 'bigger picture' of problems within America and politics'. I support your blog and cause. Mike in Montana