Saturday, November 10, 2012

Benghazi Betrayal

Benghazi Betrayal

Why is it that the majority of the country, the military and world should feel betrayed by what happened in Benghazi.

For decades now American exceptionalism of our power and care for those who serve in any manor around the globe has always been exemplary  Even if a country that is hostile or unappreciative of our way of life and our ideas they have always greatly respected our way of doing business. Revering of our motto “Never leave a man behind”.  Although with most of the information that has been leaked, I remind you not by the supposed transparent administration, has been very contradictory to the very essence of that motto.

We need to seriously look at what happened here. Not just pre 9/11/12 but during and after to be sure. Hearings are being held both behind closed doors and in the open, both are necessary to make certain that details that are not needed to be disclosed are kept where they need to be. But to date, from my understanding, there are a few things that are similar in nature as to the course of events. From the fact of the attacks previously, lack of security, watching of the actual attack real time and the failure to respond in any real aggressive way we do know that an utter seemingly massive and total dismissal of that motto occurred.

Call me a conspiracy theorist, loon or straight up nut but facts are facts even thought 95% of the media and 100% of the administration aren't talking but eventually the truth will surface. With the resignation of General Petraeus stone walling of the congress and the unwillingness of this administration to cooperate we can probably predict the outcome, if the congress does its job, will not be good for numerous individuals.  

We as a country should use a little common since on this one and ask; Why is a four star General with an impeccable carrier now decided to go rouge and ruin (or give the optics of ruining) his name and legacy? Does the fact that the Generals wife who is the assistant director of the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau have anything to do with it? Why is it that because he is resigning he does not have to come before the committee now? I think we all know that he had to accept the lesser of the two evils.

The choice before him, I believe, is this. Either he cops to something that may not be true but assists he and his wife’s boss so that it will blow over or he comes before the committee and because of his true self integrity he tells the truth and turns up the heat on an already steaming situation and the country boils over. I truly believe that he is again doing what he feels is best for a country he loves and has dedicated his life to serve. This is his way to attempt to take the pot off the stove and hope that it cools down enough before the facts come to light. Because if the facts come out now with the pot still on the stove the only thing that can occur is that the nation will boil over and too many innocent civilians may get burned.

So with this being said I think that we can honestly say that we as a nation of proud people and a world, which until late, has always respected us and our motto of “never leave a man behind” feel betrayed. Remember, for those of you who are thinking what if he actually did have the affair he shouldn't now be trusted with the nations secrets I ask you this, again using a little common since; Wasn't there a President whom we all remember that had even more power and access to secrets commit the same offence and still continue in his office?

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  1. Joel! Can you please write a post about my pet topic???? I think the biggest problem with America is people who use welfare instead of depending on themselves~! I supported Mr. (IE: ACTUALLY PRESIDENT) Romney bc he was going to take away all these abusive government handouts from the WELFARE QUEENS ya know?! Glenn talked about this problem recently and how its ruining our society and I'd love to know what you think!


    1. Also I TOTALLY love the graphics your using here!!! PERFECTION

    2. Again, thanks. Just wish this made me an income. I am a very good indoor environmental engineer as well as many other skills and I have been out of work sense late Aug. I do remember what Glenn said about it, I do listen to him almost every day. I have sent him a hand written letter actually for support. I am not getting unemployment and had no savings but I refuse to live like this. Part of me hopes I can do this for a living and wake more people up. Problem is, wont have internet much longer nor a phone so I am getting out while I can. Again, thanks for your help. God has a plan for me, just have to keep praying and he will let me know where I need to go, I know it!

  2. Mia, thank you for your support and please like me on FB and send me out on twitter or any other sites. Not getting that many views and I want to reach more. As to your welfare issue that is coming up very soon. There is an argument format that I have worked out. I would put it out all at once but it would over load most people I think and two my hands would most likely not work anymore. Again, thank you so much for the support and remember to get it out to as many as you can. So if you can get other sites, blogs etc to post it I can reach many more. God Bless!